Prayer Chain

Praying is one of the most ancient of human practices, and to this day, billions of people still believe in its power. Prayer transcends religions, denominations, sects and belief systems of all kinds. It’s used in a multitude of ways: to seek comfort, make a request, ask for guidance, heal and restore, express sorrow, celebrate joy or give thanks.

A prayer chain kicks it up several levels, because it is a group of individuals who’ve decided to pray together. This theoretically amplifies the power of prayer.

Praying as a group also fulfills another of our basic human needs: to connect, both with a power greater than ourselves and with one another.


Call the Prayer Chain:

Bettie Nixon      –        999-2495

Darlene Limoges    –    999-2399

Mary Somskey      –        999-2232

Cindy Godwin     –      Add your Prayer Request to the Assumption email blast below:

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