Greeter Guidelines

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to Mass.  Remember to dress appropriately.  Among other things, keep in mind that you will be the “face” of Assumption to those coming in for worship, especially important for our guests or those new to our parish, and certainly for all parishioners.  Greeters are to welcome all with warmth, humor, appreciation for their presence, etc. for those entering into our Church community.  Make yourselves visible and accessible to assist and greet.

Before Mass:

  • Place bulletins, if not already there, on the bulletin tables which are located at all three entrances.
  • Use reserve signs to save seats for yourselves, if you wish, at the back of the worship space.
  • Select a gift-bearing family.  Instruct them what to do.  Have them sign register.
  • Check that the 4 velvet-lined baskets and the 1 large basket are at the gift table.
  • Insure the plastic tamper-evident money bag is in the large basket with adhesive strip-backing ends slightly peeled back (for easier removal during Mass).
  • As Church becomes full, insure there are hymnals on the long tables at the back.
  • If there is no bread and wine on the gift table, inform the Sacristan or EM.
  • Greet the people as they enter.   Assist people in finding a seat, if necessary.
  • Take your place in the reserved seats as the assembly sits for the First Reading.

During Mass:

  • While assembly sits for the Homily, count all persons, including infants, musicians, servers, presider, etc.  Record on form on cabinet door in sacristy.
  • When the priest and the assembly sit following the Prayers of the Faithful (Intercessions), begin taking up the collection.  Two adults are needed, and children may assist.  One adult will attend the left-most aisle with two velvet-lined baskets, one for the left pews and the other for the right pews, including the cry room.  The other adult will attend the right-most aisle with the remaining two baskets and do the same, including any people seated in the gathering space.  Place and seal all tithes into the plastic money bag and then into the large basket.
  • When ready, hand all to gift bearers.  If there are no gift bearers, please process up with the gifts (bread, wine and tithes) following the Altar servers who gather at the back.  Once the priest or deacon has arrived at the foot of the steps, process forward following the servers.
  • The priest or deacon will accept the wine, then the bread, and finally the tithes.
  • At Communion, stand at the front side aisles to start and guide flow.

After Mass:

  • After Mass, place yourselves so as not to obstruct traffic, and hand out bulletins to people while thanking them for being present at Assumption.
  • Assist people as needed, especially, newcomers or those inquiring about joining the parish.  There are “new member” forms in the literature racks, which they may take with them or fill out immediately.  Point out the wall-mounted steel box where they can place their completed form.
  • Following a Baptism during Mass, enlist able-bodies to move font to the back of Church.
  • Pick up any trash, spoiled bulletins, etc. and forgotten or lost items.  Check the Church, gathering space and cry room.
  • Make sure all kneelers are in the upright position.
  • Pick up any scattered hymnals and neatly arrange the hymnals on the long table.
  • Close any windows that may have been opened during the service.  Insure lights and fans are turned off.
  • See the deacon or priest if a spoiled host is collected.