Commentator Guidelines

The Commentator has a special role in the Sunday liturgy in that the General Intercession, also known as, the Prayers for the Church, the Universal Prayer, or the Petitions, are presented.  Therefore, the Commentator should pray the Intercessions with devotion, speaking SLOWLY and clearly.


  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to Mass and dress appropriately.  Let the Sacristan and/or the priest know you are present.  You need this time before Mass begins to become familiar with the General Intercessions and announcements, which you will find in a 3-ring binder located in the sacristy.  Note:  The Cantor will introduce the opening hymn.
  • The Commentator should use the Ambo for both the General Intercessions after the Profession of Faith and the announcements that follow the Communion Prayer.
  • As the final words of the Creed (the Profession of Faith) are being spoken in prayer, the Commentator should proceed reverently to the Ambo.  The intent is to be at the Ambo as the Profession of Faith is finishing.  If you pass in front of the Altar, stop and reverence the Altar with a profound bow (from the waist).  After a pause following the introductory prayer by the priest, begin the intercessions.
  • Tell the assembly in a slow, clear voice that “The response will be, ‘Lord, Hear Our Prayer’,” or as instructed in the intercessions.   Then slowly, loudly, and clearly read the intercessions.  Remain at the ambo until the priest has completed the concluding prayer.  Do not turn the mic off when finished—please leave it on.  Then reverently return to your seat in the assembly.  Again, if you pass in front of the Altar, stop and reverence the Altar with a profound bow (from the waist).
  • Following the “Prayer After Communion,” go to the Ambo to read the announcements.  As was done with the intercessions, the announcements should be read slowly, loudly and clearly.  Someone has put a lot of effort into writing the announcement and this information being delivered by these announcements is important for the assembly to hear and understand.
  • After Mass, return the binder to the sacristy.