Four Last Things

The part of theology that includes the final things is called eschatology.  These last things can generally be identified as the four last things: death, judgment, heaven and hell.

The Greek word eschatology means “teaching of the last things.”  More specifically, this is concerned with a study of the resurrection of Christ and His teaching to the disciples concerning His second coming.

The time of Christ’s coming is known only to the Father for we do not know the hour of His coming.  But we are assured of a last or final judgment that will reward or condemn eternally.

The summation of this study is that humankind must prepare for the second coming of Christ at the end of time when Christ will judge the living and the dead.

The second coming of Christ, or Parousia, is the fullness or completion of the salvation of humankind in the history of the world whereby the humanity of Christ the Savior and Messiah revealed in His glory and in His Church is now manifest and fulfilled in the revelation of Christ as God and Ruler of heaven.

For us it is the culmination of the economy of grace, the advent into eternal union with Christ in the Father. (10:1)