Catholics Renewed Series

Catholics Renewed Series is an upcoming opportunity for practicing Catholics to deepen their knowledge of their Catholic faith by participating in weekly adult catechetical sessions.  The sessions that are being planned are designed to increase one’s understanding of the Faith and better identify what it means to be a Catholic.

These gatherings will allow you to find out more on a particular matter of the Faith, or give you an opportunity to ask a question about something you have always wondered about.  This series will be for parishioners and scheduled in conjunction with Religious Education classes.  Some of the topics planned for presentation are: Sacraments and Social Mission; Catholic Social Teaching; Evangelization; Stewardship; Lay Ministry; and Parts of the Mass.  However, suggestions for alternative and additional discussion material are welcome.  It is anticipated that there will be no cost to attend these sessions.  Contact the parish office for dates and times of these future sessions.