Announcements for May 17, 2020

1. As we continue to bring you Mass each weekend we ask that you continue to turn in your tithing envelopes, sign up for ACH or go to our Church website to donate there by credit card. If you need help doing this please call the Parish office. We wish to thank those and ask that those you have not yet made their Annual Diocesan Appeal to do so either by dropping your envelopes off here or by going out to the Diocesan website and pay them directly.

2. In the bulletin this week is a project we as Assumption can all participate in. It’s called Fill the Altar with Roses. Please go to the website and read about this project under weekly bulletins. In the gathering space are vases to help you participate please sign up on the sign-up sheet or by calling the Parish office. You can leave a donation in the lock box for this project and you are also invited to bring in your own flowers if you would prefer.