Announcements for June 13-14, 2020

1. We will offer Communion Service at 50% capacity and with those guidelines that were outlined in your letters on Monday’s @ 8am, Wednesday at 6pm and Friday’s at 8am.

2. Due to a wake service Tuesday evening we have moved our Adoration/Benediction to Thursday of this week starting at 6pm. Let us come together and give thanks and also to pray for an end to this pandemic of Covid-19. We do ask that you once again abide by the guideline in your letters.

3. Fr. Ludwig will have a Communal Penance service on Wednesday, June 24 starting right at 6pm.

4. We encourage you to please send in those tithing envelopes either by mail or drop off here at the Church in the lock box’s. As you can see in this week’s bulletin how we have suffered in our efforts to stay consistent with our tithing.