Announcements for August 29-30, 2020

1. Today Bishop Joensen, is asking that a 2nd collection for the terrible explosion in the port of Beirut, Lebanon, the straight-line windstorm, known as a derecho, and our current COVID-19 environment be taken. Please place these donations in the tall wooden box located in the gathering space marked for Disaster Relief. Thank you!

2. On September 13th we will be adding another Mass time. This Mass time will begin at 5pm on Sunday evenings. With adding another Mass time comes the need of additional cleaners to sanitize the Church after Masses please contact the Parish office. Without additional cleaners we will not be able to add additional Masses, thank you!

3. Wednesday morning Mass Time will change back to 8am starting this upcoming Wednesday, September 2nd.

4. RCIA will begin on Sunday, September 20th. RCIA is a program for individuals interested in joining the Catholic Church. It also is a program for those adults who have not received all of their Sacraments. Please see the bulletin for more details.